Anonymous asked:

Pumpkin this going to be a REALLY odd question but it's bugging me. How do you swallow? NOW WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, before you scream and call the Demon popo, hear me out. Your neck, IS INCREDIBLY SMALL. Look at it, it's three steps from a twig. I'm surprised there's a spine going through it along with blood vessels and everything else associated with a neck. What I'm getting at is, how do you eat, breath, and talk with such a tiny throat?

derekhetrickart answered:




I don’t know why random men I meet insist that I’m a magical unicorn for playing video games because “most girls don’t play video games.”

I just sat down at a random table filled with like five young women and we talked about video games for like thirty minutes. 

This is a super common phenomenon. 

I’m beginning to have a sinking suspicion that some of the men I talk to that think women don’t play video games maybe just don’t ask questions about the lives of the women they talk to.